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The menu has been elaborated by the Michelin Star Chef, Bruno Verjus - Table

The natural leaven breads and soft breads are elaborated by Thierry Delabre using bearded wheat from the Roussillon region and coarse grey salt from Millac. This bread offers very low levels of gluten making it naturally and perfectly digestible.

All vegetables are pan seared to order and obtained from organic gardens whose producers are adepts of natural agriculture or permaculture.

All fish are wild and our meats are of noble origins.


Delicately Tartared Beets

Heirloom Beets (Crapaudine, Chioggia and White) cooked in coarse grey Millac salt. Fresh Corsican Brousse, Bronte pistachio slivers, hazelnut slivers and Gensac caviar.

29.00 €

Green Asparagus from Provence, the first of the season !

Asparagus grown from the rich sediments of the Durance river, near Saint-Remy-de-Provence, poached in sea water and grilled. Pastural Fourme cheese from Valcivières, Non-filtered olive oil from Teruel, egg yolk cooked through osmosis in sea water.

29.00 €

Wild Atlantic Polock from Ile d’Yeu

Made in a tartare. Rice vinegar seasoned with Sambal Oelek chili paste, toasted parsley oil, pistachio slivers.

29.00 €

Early Harvest Green Peas

Ephemerally surprised in semi-salted raw butter, grapefruit slivers, chopped mint

22.00 €

Main courses

Guinea fowl from La Ferme des Grands Champs

Infused with aromatic herbs and slow roasted. Pearly Supreme, thighs with gravy

39.00 €

Suckling Lamb “Manex tête noire” from Hasparren, in the foothills of Mount

Tenderly grilled using wild herbs. Grilled puntarelle, hand gathered shellfish and Wakame from Utah Beach, jus.

49.00 €

Seasonal vegetables

Large plate of raw and cooked vegetables, possibly with fruits

39.00 €

Wild Atlantic Polock from Ile d’Yeu

Lightly roasted with clarified butter, grilled asparagus, Table style breadcrumbs and grilled almonds, jus.

49.00 €

Stone bass filet

Nettle condiment and Salina capers, butter made with hand gathered shellfish from Utah Beach, foraged wild plants, cauliflower

39.00 €

And also

Pastural Fourme cheese from Valcivières

Small plate of cheese. The natural breads using bearded wheat from the Roussillon region, toasted

19.00 €

Burrata Pugliese

Small winter salad, seasoned with toasted parsley oil, slivers of Piedmont hazelnuts, and Salina capers

19.00 €

Club Sandwich Signature

Old wheat soft crumb bread, toasted, Breton lobster, watercress remoulade condiment and sorrel, artichoke heart, wild seedlings

49.00 €

Duck Foie Gras from Souprosse -Landes-

Roasted whole and matured with sweet vernal grass. Seasoned with raw cocoa beans from Criolo and wild pepper from Benin. Sweet and sour apple

39.00 €


Vintage Porcelana Chocolate by François Pralus

In a fluffy mousse. Seasoned with Millac salt and unfiltered Teruel olive oil. Custard infused with Korean Gochujang

16.00 €

Matcha Tea Tiramisu

With vanilla ice cream

16.00 €

Pink praline tart according to Henry Cornil’s recipe for Alain Chapel

Fresh sorrel ice cream.

16.00 €