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Squaring the circle. At the Genesis there is the circle of the plate, this perfect round shape, transcended by the harmony of the table. Eating liberates the tongue and delights the spirit. Here, everything vibrates, everything thrives. The story of the Montalembert's table begins with respect - for the products that the Chef, Bruno Vergus, directs as he would actors, for you sole enjoyment, all the while heeding their temperaments.

At the whim of an instant, of the seasons, and of the regions, artisans are invited by virtue of their exceptional products. The cuisine takes shape around this momentum. Harvesting life, and bringing it to fruition on the plate, with emotion and fluidity... Approaching the exceptional, without distroying it : thus never betraying the extraordinary vitality. 

Thank you for noting the exceptional closures of the restaurant:

  • Closing of the restaurant every weekend

Opening hours :
Every day
12.00 PM until 22.30 PM